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Through the Prism of Labour: Gender & Distress Migration in Contemporary India Back

This book is the direct outcome of the two day national seminar organised by Labour & Migration Unit at Indian Social Institute, Bangalore on 19th and 20th July 2017. Distress migration is a forced exile that pushes people into cultural shock and rootlessness. The category of people who experience this, are majorly from lower caste and class in India. Migration for them is not an informed choice but an inevitable condition for survival. Hence, the experience itself is not delectable. This is precisely what this book attempts to capture. It is an attempt at unearthing the unutterable realities of those migrant workers who fall in the rubric of informal or unorganised sector. Papers in this book attempt to address to one preliminary question: what kind of policy interventions can be made to counter and check the multiple aspects of exploitation that the migrant workforce in informal sector undergoes?