The Institute also provides opportunities for part time and full time volunteering. This includes project based volunteering, program based volunteering, campaign based volunteering etc. The basic considerations that are kept in mind are the appropriateness of volunteering in relation to the thrust areas of the Institute and also the interest and the levels of expertise of the volunteer.

For those who are interested in working with the Institute as volunteers, the Institute provides flexible working conditions such as working time, working from home, working in the field etc.

How to Apply:
Volunteers can approach the Institute directly on their own or through the respective academic or activist institutions or organizations they are associated with.

To apply, please send an email to: dirisiblr@gmail.com

The email should be accompanied by your CV, a covering letter and if possible letter from a reference. Also mention the dates and duration of volunteering you intend to undertake. Send your application at least 1 month prior to your expected start date. But the Institute would be open in short notice too.

For a face to face meeting, please call up at and schedule an appointment: +91 - 80 - 2353 6364, 2353 6189, 2353 6960