Women’s Unit

Women’s Unit at ISI doggedly promotes feminist activism, pedagogy and critical reflection through a series of academic and training programmes that hold relevance and pertinence in the larger national context. It addresses a heterogeneous group that consists of students, working and non-working women, NGO activists, organized and unorganized sector and so forth, in order to explore the changing variations and representations of gender. The strength of the unit lies in its intersectionality that deploys eclectic sources and connects them with the lived experiences of the subaltern section, thereby, empowering with the legal and academic knowledge to combat sexism and issues pertaining it. The individual strands of work are described below.

a. Sensitization on cultural conditioning of gender: gender as a socially fabricated category: specifically for college students so that they realize the distinction between normative and natural.

b. Organising training programmes for NGO activists and other representatives who work in close correspondence with the women from vulnerable strata namely, Dalit and Tribal Women.

c. Organising workshops on gender based violence to identify miscellaneous forms of violence that exist in public and private domains which are negated by policy makers and even by women.

d. Exploring and documenting Dalit Women’s experiences as individuals in power to map the transition from victim to attaining power, by undertaking independent study and researches.

Women’s Unit ambitiously plans to organize many national level seminars and Dalit Lecture series in near future to contemplate and deliberate over critical issues that spur.

Ms. Sagaya Shanthi
Coordinator of Women’s Unit
Email : sagayashanthi@gmail.com